Transforming Africa through Repentance and United Prayers  
As we mobilize the Body of Christ and all spheres of society,
Community by community, Nation by Nation with the 
full Gospel of Jesus Christ.


Annual Days of United Prayer on Pentecost Sunday
Establishment of Prayer initiatives
Equipping and Training Churches, Communities, Market Place and Nation to pray
Facilitate the process of Unity & Revival (Local Church & Fraternal)
Establishment strong links with partner organizations.


  • Facilitate and be an ambassador of unity within the Body of Christ (Local Church & Fraternal)
  • Live and teach a lifestyle of prayer and worship
Live and teach a lifestyle free from all forms of immorality
  • Live and teach a lifestyle free from all forms of idolatry, witchcraft, ancestral worship
  • Live and teach a lifestyle of integrity
To be an ambassador of racial cultural family and tribal reconciliation
  • To be an ambassador of change by influencing all spheres of civil society
according to biblical principles and standards
Co ordinate and participate in Prayer Initiatives and Annual Day of Prayer for Africa
  • Be committed and supportive to all partners in the Transformation process.


Facilitate, build and maintain a strong alliance with the local church

Facilitate and promote local fraternal
Ensure regular regional and nation consultations
Effect utilization of fasting and intersession before and during Transformation Africa initiatives 

Annual consultations for youth initiatives
Develop and train local Transformation Africa Leaders

Facilitate and build relationships with the partner organizations
Develop and implement a national advertising and media plan